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  • Camp Gan IsraelGan Israel is a place where kids dreams come true. It’s a place where kids broaden their horizons, where each day promises a combination of new adventures; and develops their self-esteem...
  • Inside the MonsterHe led them to the very feet of the giant, opened a secret door in the monster's big toe, took them... Read More
  • "You Will Never Be the Czar's Soldier"Like every eligible male in Czarist Russia, Peretz Chein
    eventually received a letter stating that...
    Read More
  • Have You Slaughtered Your Sheep Yet?tie a sheep to your bed and leave it there for four days. It will be there when you go to sleep... Read More
  • The Rebbe and the Best-Selling AuthorThe Rebbe vocally and repeatedly called for every individual to utilize his or her unique talents... Read More
  • Are Imitation Crab, Pork and Cheeseburgers Kosher?Even if the Torah forbids a food, one is still permitted to eat kosher food artificially flavored... Read More
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